Bluebells2 Blubells1 Bluebells6 Bluebells3 Bluebells5 Bluebells4

The bluebells have eventually arrived, much later than last year due to this year’s cold, wintery start to spring. This is the electric railway crossing on Old Laxey Hill which leads down to the bay.


10 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. victoriaaphotography

    How lovely to see the bluebells. They’re a great reminder of the bluebells where I lived in Sussex for 6 mths back in 1978. They look good in the compositions with the railway lines – nice angle.

  2. mountaincoward

    Unfortunately, I think some of those are the Spanish bluebell invaders? I’m going by the fact that some are pink so I think hybridised… They’re beautiful flowers though aren’t they?


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