Manx Glens: Laxey

IMG_8539 IMG_8525 IMG_8559 IMG_8506 IMG_8549 IMG_8537 IMG_8558 IMG_8570 IMG_8527 IMG_8518 IMG_8572 IMG_8576


11 thoughts on “Manx Glens: Laxey

  1. mountaincoward

    Blossoms and green leaves out already! (said she, jealously!). Just started to see a very slight tinge of green around the hawthorns in very sheltered spots here – nothing else yet though. I’ve known the hawthorns to be in early leaf in February not many years ago 😦

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      Hi Carol. I took these last weekend and to be honest, I expected the glen to feel less wintery. I checked my photographs from this time last year – bluebells already!

      1. mountaincoward

        There’s a bluebell-photography walk organised near here this weekend – they’ve no chance of seeing any this year! 😦 I suppose there’ll be some other nice wildflowers for them to photograph though and it will be a nice walk as the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow.

      2. jackie sowrey Post author

        Definitely no chance of bluebells! Hopefully the weather will be good, it’s quite dull here today so I’m hoping it will brighten up later on. Jackie

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      Thank you. We have some lovely waterfalls here on the Isle of Man – this one isn’t one of the best. I’ll be posting some more waterfalls when I’ve visited some other glens during springtime.

      Really interesting cluster, what are they?


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